If Bistro Bites™ are gluten-free, why do they contain buckwheat? Isn’t that a grain?
No. Many people believe Buckwheat is a cereal, but it is actually an herb, although some sources classify it as a fruit. No matter which way you choose to classify it, buckwheat is completely gluten-free and a good source of protein.

If Bistro Bites are supposed to be a healthy treat, why don’t you add vitamins and minerals when you make them?
The natural ingredients we use to make Bistro Bites (like garbanzo, coconut, and buckwheat) are all high protein sources from nature. That’s why we don’t have to add all those vitamins and minerals to our treats – the treats themselves are already wholesome snacks. And your dog’s food should always be the primary source for nutrients.

Why are the packages I buy from Bistro Bites so much smaller than what I can purchase in the store?
We started making Bistro Bites because we understood the dangers of canine obesity in a world of treats not made or portioned for small dogs. The larger bags sold in the stores make it easy to overfeed your pup, but our bags are sized to contain just the right amount of treats for a small dog for about one month, to help you with portion control.

Why do other brands have meat or fish as their primary ingredient?
Treats are supposed to be just that, treats. Just as you like a sweet every now and again, so does your pup. Most of us don’t consider a meat or a piece of fish a treat and Bistro Bites believes that a well fed dog wants a treat that is something special, not something he can get as his regular food.

Where are Bistro Bites produced?
Bistro Bites are made from scratch in the U.S.A.