About Us

Bistro Bites began with a simple mission – to make wholesome, healthy, and tasty treats and biscuits designed specifically to meet the needs of small dogs.

Often, urban dogs are apartment dwellers, so they don’t have a lot of room to run. And since they are smaller, they are more likely to be held when they go out, making it harder for them to get as much exercise as they need. We didn’t want our small dog to be eating “fatty” or fast food type of biscuits. He deserved something just as special as he is.

That’s why each Bistro Bite is made from new recipes, created to please a canine’s complex tastes. But we also wanted our treats to be healthy and nutritious, and just the right size for small dog breeds – not just smaller versions of biscuits made for larger dogs that might still be too rich for the smaller dog.

Bisto Bites is an independently owned company based in Fairfax, Virginia. All of our products are made here right in the USA!